John T. Heard Lodge A.F. & A.M.

John T. Heard Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Ipswich, MA held its Regular Communication meeting last night and it was one of the most enjoyable and inspiring evenings yet for me as a relatively new member of this Fraternity. In addition to general business; Rt. Wor. Eric Frye Bergengren and his Suite were received for the purpose of conducting a Fraternal Visit to the Lodge; the members of the Lodge conducted a vote on Honorary Membership for a Past Master; there was a Masonic Memorial Service for Bro. Gerald W. Blaisdell; Rt. Wor. Bergengren presided in an emotional award presentation to a 25 year member of the Lodge who is being re-deployed to Kuwait for a year of duty, this presentation being conducted with the member’s father, a 50 year Mason, standing by his side; and finally attending members got to experience a flawless piece of work conducted by Wor. John D. Dolliver, performing the Second Section of Fellow Craft degree for a group of seven candidates. A special evening indeed!

DDGM Rt. Wor. Eric F. Bergengren, Wor. Stephen M. Calzini,  & Chaplain, Wor. John T. Clogston Jr.
DDGM Rt. Wor. Eric F. Bergengren & Rt. Wor. William K. Clapp 

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